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1 Февраль 2012

What Are the 5 Things Every Consumer Must Consider When Hiring a House Cleaning Service.

What 5 Things Every Consumer Must Consider When Hiring a House Cleaning Service

I always encourage prospects and clients to ask questions about our Pittsburgh house cleaning service. You should not feel shy about asking questions concerning the house cleaning service or any service for that matter you are considering using. If answers are not given easily and quickly or if you are not satisfied with what you hear, shop around until you get your most important concerns answered to your satisfaction. It is not fair to ask your house cleaning company to perform some task that they do not provide. Our company has been asked to shovel snow, rake leaves, go shopping, wash walls, walk the dog, make sure the cat/dog food bowl is full, do the laundry, and a few other services that our Pittsburgh house cleaning company does not provide. There are very good reasons why we do not offer these types of services which are best left for another article. Don’t try to talk the house cleaning service down in price or look for bargain basement prices. Price shopping is one of the worse things you can do when looking for a house cleaning service. Remember, you only get what you pay for. Our Pittsburgh house cleaning service pays our staff well, which means we can hire a higher quality employee, which translates into a better consistent cleaning for you. House cleaning service companies that give low quotes cannot afford to hire good employees who stay with the company for longer periods of time which means you as a consumer always have new cleaners in your home that do not care about their work habits. Keep reading to discover what the 5 most important things that every home owner should think about when looking for a house cleaning service.

Finding and Keeping What is Most Important When Hiring a House Cleaning Service

First, I would never let someone in my home that I did not trust. Trust for our clients, begins in our Pittsburgh house cleaning service with the owners then filters down to the cleaning technicians that will be performing the actual cleaning services you require. We try to perform an in home tour to help the client see that we are honest, sincere, dedicated, and knowledgeable about what we do. We inform the client that before we hire an employee, a background check is performed to determine if any problems exist. We try to keep sending the same cleaning technician to the same clients which goes a long way in building trust. You the consumer can get to know your cleaning technician. These steps begin the process of forming a lasting and trusting relationship with the client and the house cleaning service company. Trust should continue to develop between your house cleaning service and you by the cleaning company’s quick response to your inquiries and concerns. Any lack of response is a red flag that the house cleaning company you are working with is not really concerned about your needs or concerns. Our Pittsburgh house cleaning service works very diligently to stay on top of any and all issues that would violate the trust we have worked so hard to achieve with you, our loyal clients.

Keeping Yourself Protected When Using a House Cleaning Service

Second on the list of things that should be high on your priority is to be certain the company is carrying all the appropriate insurances. Any real house cleaning service worth hiring will carry liability insurance to protect your home furnishings from breakage. As it is in Pennsylvania, workman’s compensation insurance is required in most states. Even if not a requirement in your state it is a wise to be certain that the house cleaning company you hire carries this vital insurance. This type of insurance will protect you, the homeowner, from an employee getting hurt on your property. Finally, when discussing insurance, be certain the house cleaning company you use to care for your home carries bonding insurance on their employees which will protect you in case of theft. Even with the best screening undertaken, occasionally someone that is dishonest may slip through the screening process. Our Pittsburgh house cleaning service has all the necessary insurance to insure that you have peace of mind when we come to care for your home.

Insuring Your Money is Well Spent When Using a House Cleaning Service

Third on the list of high priorities when hiring a house cleaning service is ask if the employees receive training regarding how to professionally clean a home. Surprisingly, not everybody knows how to clean! A professional service, such as our Pittsburgh house cleaning service, will have a system in place to train employees. I have heard of a few horror stories concerning employees associated with other cleaning companies. In one such a story, a new client of ours informed me that the last cleaning service she hired had a cleaning technician that poured an entire bucket of water on a wooden floor then proceeded to begin the mopping process. When questioned about this, the employee stated that this is the way we always do it. How tragic that the owners of the house cleaning service did not know how a floor can be safely mopped without damage, or perhaps, did not care enough to teach their staff how to care for a wooden floor. Needless to say, this consumer who was looking for a decent house cleaning service became our client after I explained now we care for and clean wooded floors. Remember to asked a few questions about how things are going to be cleaned. If the owner does not know how to clean something with care to prevent damage how can the employees possibly be expected to know? And don’t forget to inquire about how the cleaning staff is trained. Our Pittsburgh house cleaning service trains each cleaning technician using a grading system. If the employee does not meet certain measurable standards they continue in training until they pass or they do not continue with us.

Make Sure Your House Cleaning Service is Operating within the Boundaries of the Law

Fourth on the list of things that are important to ask is does the house cleaning service want cash only or will they also except checks and charge cards for payment. Any house cleaning service that will only accept cash is probably operating under the table and not paying their fair share of the taxes on money earned. Beware, the IRS can and will hold you, the consumer, responsible as well as the cleaning service, if you are paying cash only and had a sense that the house cleaning service you are using was not reporting money earned. Don’t think that this is unlikely to happen to you. I know of one such instance given to me from a third party. It only takes one disgruntled employee to blow the whistle on an illegal business. Our Pittsburgh house cleaning service does not accept cash to prevent any such problems.

Discover How Satisfied You Will Be Before You Hire a House Cleaning Service

Fifth, does the house cleaning service have and are they willing to supply references for past performance. Any cleaning service worth doing business with will have references to help you make an informed decision. Of course you must take a reference with a grain of salt. No company is going to give you a former client’s name that was not satisfied. Keep in mind that every cleaning company or any company for that matter, that has been in business for some time will have a few unsatisfied clients. Our Pittsburgh house cleaning service will supply references when asked to do so.

Other Important Matters to Think About Concerning a House Cleaning Service

There are several other factors that can be worth considering when selecting a house cleaning service. Some are important to some consumers and not as important to others. A few things to consider that come to mind are what chemicals will be used, will I you get the same house cleaning technician each time, what are the policies concerning work you are not satisfied with, do you get the same service times and days, what are the cancellation policies, how often and how large are price increases, how frequently can the house cleaning service come to clean for you. Any professional house cleaning service will have all these answers and policies in place and be ready to share them with you. Professional house cleaning services will have a list of things that will help the relationship succeed with the goal of helping you get the best consistent cleaning possible.

In a Nutshell

To sum up, it can be a difficult and a time consuming process to locate and hire a professional house cleaning company. There are lots of considerations to take into account when searching for and hiring a house cleaning service. Not all considerations will apply to every home owner. However, if you do not do your homework properly you can have a disappointing and costly experience. When I started our Pittsburgh house cleaning service back in 2004, I was determined to be the best house cleaning service in our area. I thought about what, I as a consumer, would want from another competing Pittsburgh house cleaning service. After much research, I discovered what I thought other cleaning services were doing right but also what I thought could be improved upon. Bear in mind that no cleaning company, including our Pittsburgh house cleaning service, is perfect. Every house cleaning service, as well as any other service type company will have something that you do not care for or agree with that will make your search for a perfect fit impossible. But do not despair. After reading this article you are more prepared to find a good match for your cleaning needs.

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