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18 Январь 2012

Things People Forget To Make Sure Their Home Is Winter Proof

Now that the winter months are creeping up fast, this is the time of year people get caught off guard. I’ll be the first to raise my hand….. I always use to get caught. From not putting my snow tires on in time…. to winterizing my house. So how do you get ready for winter?

So with that being said, I thought I would share a few pointers to ensure your home is ready for winter and that you do not get the headaches I use to when spring comes.

Check Your Furnace

It’s a great idea to turn on your furnace now. Do not wait until that first cold day comes to find out you do not have any heat. It’s also a great idea to have furnaces cleaned and tuned annually. For a small cost of about $100-$125 this may save you thousands in the end. Another quick reminder, do not forget to change your furnace filter at least every 3 months.

Reverse That Fan

If you have fans in your home, by reversing your ceiling fans direction from the summer operation, the fan will push warm air downward. This is a great way to bring that warm air back down and give your furnace a bit of a break. As you look up, the blades should be turning clockwise.

Turn Off Your Outdoor Pipes

This is a big one. Make sure you turn off your outdoor pipes, trust me this is one that you do not want to forget about. If you wait until December and we hit below freezing point… that is way too late. This has happened to me before. One day when spring hits, you go into the backyard and it’s completed flooded… no fun!


Seal off drafty windows and patio doors with clear plastic. You can pick this up at Home Depot, it is inexpensive and it can save you a ton on your gas bill. Another great idea for windows is to uncover all south-facing windows. This will allow you to let all possible sunlight in your home.

Hot Water Tank

Consider blanketing your water heater with faced fiberglass insulation. I tried this a few years ago and it works. Now you won’t save hundreds a month with this strategy but it may save you enough to go out for dinner with the family. Another great idea is to insulate the hot water lines around your hot water heater and turn down the temperature of the water heater to the “warm” setting (120 degrees F).


Make sure your cold air returns are not blocked. Your furnace needs these to operate efficiently. Keep all vents clean and unblocked and it there are any rooms that you do not use, close the vents to allow heat to go to the other rooms.

Dress Warm

Dress warmly when you are inside so that you won’t be tempted to raise the temperature on the thermostat. Wear socks and slippers. If your feet are warm, you will feel warmer and can keep the thermostat set low.


Keep all closet doors closed when possible. There’s no need to heat space that is not in use as long as it does not contain water pipes.


Use the oven for baking during colder hours of the day to help heat your home.

Portable Heaters

Try not to use space heaters to heat large areas of your house. However if you spend most of your time in one room in a large house, consider setting your thermostat low and using a small heater to heat where you are going to be.

These are great tips to keep your expenses down low and a smile on your face when spring arrives.


Darlene Hibbert is a mortgage broker and has worked in the financial industry for close to 15 years. She is also a Real Estate Investor who creates a win win scenario for both the home owner and tenant by using the Rent to Own strategy. To start your path towards home ownership today, visit Darlene and her team at[ссылка]

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