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13 Январь 2012

Secluded Cottage Retreat Promising a Modern Lifestyle

This Cottage Home by award-winning architecture studio Method Design received a massive make-over that turned the construction into a fabulous contemporary second home resting in natural surroundings. The original building dates back to the 1960s,but the remodeling led to an impressive modern retreat rising from between mature trees. Located in New York, the modern cottage retreat is described by the talented and inspired team behind the project: “ In this significant AIA Honor Award winning Addition / Alteration to an existing 1960 a??s Modern house on a sloped site in Pound Ridge, NY a?? our office was asked to reconsider three major aspects of the current condition a?? creation of a formal entry, an addition of a master suite, and a sustainable re-cladding of the entire house. Our approach centered on a qualitative response to the inherent characteristics of the site, which included intrusion of large old growth trees into the immediate area of the house, the dramatic coloration of the sitea??s seasonal foliage, and the daily use of the occupants which prescribed clear articulation of private and public space.Retreat Cottage Secluded photos1Retreat Cottage Secluded photos2Retreat Cottage Secluded photos3Retreat Cottage Secluded photos4Retreat Cottage Secluded photos5Retreat Cottage Secluded photos6Retreat Cottage Secluded photos7Retreat Cottage Secluded photos8Retreat Cottage Secluded photos9

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