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24 Август 2011

Worries your neighbouts may be attracting pests

Most streets have one: a household that chooses to live their surrounded by litter, motorbike parts and pet waste. They?re a serious bugbear for curtain twitchers everywhere ? the neighbours who irritate not with noise or unruly children, but the way they blight a street with their lack of care, attention and community spirit.

Along with being not too great to look at, these local irritants can also be the cause of a much bigger problem ? pest infestation. There can be surely few things more frustrating than needing to claim on your pest control insurance despite running a tight ship at home.

Before it reaches that point though, there?s things that you can do. The key is to get your inconsiderate neighbours to clean up their act without causing World War 3 on the street. Here?s how:

A tactful word
This depends on the sort of relationship you have with the neighbours in question and how well they take criticism. Be as tactful and careful as you can ? if they?re elderly, for example, offer to help them out with looking after their garden if they?re struggling.

Get the community on your side
If you?ve got a local community group or neighbourhood forum, this could be the place to raise your issue. Rather than target the household in question, merely suggest that the community as a whole needs to be aware of the threat posed by pests. Offer to work together to make sure everyone?s home is as uninviting to pests as possible.

Ring your council?s Environmental Health department
If being tactful has failed, you may need to take your campaign up a level. Collect as much evidence as you can ? pictures, proof that rats and mice are a growing problem in the area ? and contact your local council?s Environmental Health department. Argue that the garden is a health hazard and that it needs urgent attention.

Step up your own pest protection
If moving house isn?t an option, then you should think about stepping up your own pest protection to deal with the increased threat. Consider stepping up the equipment you use to deter rats and mice, such as low frequency ultrasound devices. Getting pest cover could also be a good move ? this will at least mean that dealing with a problem when it occurs needn?t cost the earth, as all or some of the work could be covered under your policy.

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