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10 Август 2011

What Can Be Done In Moving Home

There are any things to be organized when you are moving house. You must pack up all of your belongings and organize what is to go where. Then there is the removals and making sure utility companies know you will be moving. The house will need a clean and then there is the swapping of the keys. Finally you get to do the unpacking, which could be accomplished faster with friends.

The first thing you should do is get organized and make a list of what needs to be done. You can tick each item off as you complete it, that way you will not forget anything. This also means that you are able to let everyone who is helping know which jobs you want them to do, and put their name next to the job.

Make sure you have sufficient boxes and bags for your packing. Brown tape and marker pens are also a must. Pack each room separately so you can then mark each box with that rooms name on. This lets the movers know which room it is to go in, this will save you moving boxes at a later date. Make sure to wrap delicate items well so that they are not broken in the move.

Many removal companies will provide packaging materials with their service, some even do the packing for you. Removal companies provide a team of professionals to move your belongings and often offer insurance in case of accidental damage. If you are leaving a small house or flat you may be able to hire a van which, with one or two trips, will hold everything you need to move.

The utilities companies you have been using should be told that you are moving house, so they know where to send your last bill. It is often the case that the documentation for the sale requests that the utilities are not turned off when you leave, and you should be sure to make note of such details.

When leaving a house, unless it is to be demolished, it is good to clean it one last time. This lets you check for any forgotten items that might have been left around. It is also nice for the new tenant or owners to come into a clean house. More than likely though, even if you move into a house that has been thoroughly cleaned you will probably clean it again as you unpack.

If you marked the boxes when you packed they should be in the right rooms for unpacking. This will allow you to start with the most needed rooms; bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. Take out the rubbish as you go and when you unpack the last room you will be able to rest instead of having to go back to deal with rubbish.

If you have plenty of friends willing to help, why not buy some food and drink and have a packing party and an unpacking party at the other end. This will shorten the time spent packing and give you more time for the unpacking party at the new house.

So having organized and packed, cleaned and dealt with the utilities you can move house. Then you are able to begin reversing the procedure, beginning with the unpacking. Perhaps drinks will encourage friends to help at both houses and soon you will be happily settled into your new home with not a thing missing.


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