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30 Июль 2011

Waterproofing the Foundation: What’s Your Choice?

When you are building a new house for your family it goes without saying that you use the best design and color to make it look pleasing. But what do you do to make it last for longer years? You must concentrate on the structure of your building to make it strong. The foundation of the building is the most important part on which the entire building depends. Waterproofing the foundation ensures that you do not experiencing any leaking which would result in further damage. There are many options at hand to ensure a secure foundation for years at a stretch.
Liquid Rubber Foundation Membrane:
This membrane is made of liquid rubber and can be applied very easily on the basement. When the rubber is in liquid form it spreads evenly and easily filling up all the cracks and crevices. Since rubber is a non- porous substance there is no chance of water seeping through it. Moreover, this method is very economical and can be performed by house owners. The warranty attached to this method makes it more beneficial to be used by house owners. Those who are using this method for the first time may go wrong with the consistency of the rubber. At times, the surface has to be cured and prepared properly and for this one would need expert help.

Sheet Membranes:

This rubberized film or membrane has proper thickness as they are prepared beforehand. This sheet is compatible enough to withstand any hydrostatic pressure and prevent leaking of the surface. Big cracks and holes can be covered with this without putting in much effort. Another good thing about this waterproofing method is that it is strong and effective. While using this method in the basement there can be some problems faced by individuals as the sheet is very thick and sticky. A professional help is advised to use the sheet membranes properly. There are many techniques that may be required to treat the surface like patching, priming, penetration and many more.

Cement Membrane

This waterproofing membrane contains a number of ingredients that are meant to secure the foundation of the building. These ingredients act together to form a cohesive membrane. This cement mixture can be bought from any masonry dealers. This method is very simple to use and is resistant to corrosion. The mixture is available in a number of colors to be used on the surface. But one cannot expect this membrane to stretch like rubber. This is the reason why this method is not absolutely secure. There may be appearance of cracks after some years. These cracks will let the water seep in and the leaking will start.

There are many other methods of making the basement of your building waterproof. The method that you choose must be according to the requirement of the surface. To be on the safe side it is better to hire a foundation expert to get the best solution. They have the expertise to use the best method in the best way to make your house strong and last longer.

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