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25 Ноябрь 2011


Warmth and Inspiration Defining a Renovation Project in Girona, Spain

We found this beautiful home renovation achieved by Lizarriturry Tuneu Arquitectura and located in Girona, a city in northeast Catalonia, Spain. Two main challenges were stated in the owners’ brief. The first was that the architects preserve the impressive medieval stone facade with balconies of wrought iron, wile the second request other was to have a logical room distribution within the renovated home. We believe the team of designers did a great job in maintaining the traditional ambiance of this place. Moreover, the arrangements give it a lovely, warm feel, which is taken to new heights in every room of the cottage-like house. Two generous doors from the courtyard connect the dining room and kitchen to a delightful terrace, while ensuring a large amount of natural light. The living room is especially cheerful, featuring a red sofa, exposed wooden beans and a cozy fireplace. Creativity is also present in the children’s room, the most dynamic interior of the crib. Enjoy the photos!

Renovation Girona, Warmth photos1Renovation Girona, Warmth photos2Renovation Girona, Warmth photos3Renovation Girona, Warmth photos4Renovation Girona, Warmth photos5Renovation Girona, Warmth photos6Renovation Girona, Warmth photos7Renovation Girona, Warmth photos8Renovation Girona, Warmth photos9

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