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4 Ноябрь 2011

Ultimate Holiday Retreat: Ayada Maldives Resort

We know you guys love a good landscape around a fascinating living space. But today we are going to bend the rules a bit and present this fascinating place of retreat called Ayada Maldives and located on the island of Maguhdhuvaa, in the lovely Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll district. The resort consists of 112 luxurious villas and is due to open on October 30, 2011.  Impeccable blue waters, powder white sands and lush vegetation- they all seem to be a given in this miniature paradise. The accommodation units have a beautiful warm and traditional feel and are fully-equipped, providing comfort beyond expectations. Even though there is a generous pool connecting all the small homes together, each villa comes with its own rectangular pool, for complete privacy. The services here are said to be excellent and the area is neighbored by seven restaurants, bars and cafes. We dare you to find something wrong with this place!

Maldives Retreat Ayada photos1Maldives Retreat Ayada photos2Maldives Retreat Ayada photos3Maldives Retreat Ayada photos4Maldives Retreat Ayada photos5Maldives Retreat Ayada photos6Maldives Retreat Ayada photos7Maldives Retreat Ayada photos8Maldives Retreat Ayada photos9

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