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29 Июль 2011

Turning a Mid-Century Building into a Captivating Modern Crib: Elm House

Elm House is a striking 1955 home renovation achieved by Mitchell Weisberg . The residence has a total living area of 2,069 square feet and accommodates four bedrooms and three bathrooms. A large courtyard directs the visitors towards the garage and the main house entrance. This may be a mid-century building, but nothing in its interior design betrays this fact. The interiors are highly modern, with floor to ceiling glass windows which provide exceptional views of the surrounding landscape. The core of the residence is an open plan living room with a large socializing area, an all-equipped kitchen, a dining table and a contemporary fireplace. The white traditional ceiling makes an interesting contrast with the design details below. A generous outdoor terrace communicates with the living room. This is a perfect place for a barbecue and/or friend gatherings. What do you think of the interior decors this home displays?

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