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29 Июль 2011

Troubleshooting the Gas Furnace…A Job for a Professional

If you have a gas furnace, it can be tempting to perform some minor repairs but most of the time the best route to take is contacting a heating contractor in Dayton, OH.Unlike the electric furnace, a malfunctioning gas appliance can present dangerous conditions to the residents of the home.

Keeping the Flame Lit or the Electronic Igniter Working

Understanding the operation of your gas furnace is the first step in understanding why you need a professional contractor to maintain and repair your gas furnace.The gas furnace operates by taking in cold air which is then filtered.The filtered air is heated using a gas burner and a stainless steel heat exchanger.Once the air is heated,it is distributed throughout the house via the ductwork and with the help of a blower motor.

The heated air that circulates through your home is returned back to the furnace once it cools down.This starts a cycle of heated air,returned air,heated air and so on.

The older gas units have a pilot flame that must be lit.Modern gas furnaces have electronic ignition and don’t have a standing pilot or pilot light (as most people call it) that stays lit all the time. Gas furnaces often have ?symptoms? that something is wrong when the pilot light won’t stay lit or the electronic ignition fails to ignite the gas burners

Small Problems and Big Headaches

Gas furnaces have many complex components, but sometimes it is the smallest problems that cause the biggest headaches. For example dirty contacts in a non-digital thermostat can prevent the gas furnace from producing heat. The same is true for a blown fuse.A clogged air filter can stop the unit from heating as can dirty gas burners.

A gas furnace that goes on and off too often may have a blower motor not working properly or the thermostat is not registering correctly.Other problems that can occur include fans that continue running and never go off due to a faulty switch and the infamous pilot light that won?t stay lit.The thermocouple is another part that can stop working and the result is yet again a pilot light that goes out.

Electronic ignitions can cause many problems also.The sophisticated hot surface ignition requires a properly working electronically controlled resistance heating element. When the electronics stop working,the whole furnace fails to function efficiently or stops working all together.

Playing It Safe

You will notice that many of the problems require knowledge of the furnace components.The heating contractor in Dayton, OH should be the only person who adjusts the gas burners, cleans components and checks the electrical wiring.The contractor knows how to locate and install quality branded parts that insure your gas furnace works according to manufacturing specification.

The homeowner should never attempt to make complex repairs that also have a safety feature like the gas burners.The technician has the training,knowledge and tools needed to do the job correctly and safely.

A gas furnace is a safe appliance if it is maintained properly.The homeowner can replace the filter regularly or replace a fuse, but the heating contractor in Dayton, OH is needed for almost all other repairs.Gas furnace repairs are jobs for professionals.

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