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29 Июль 2011

Tricoloured Mallorcan Dream House Reflecting in The Pool

Looking at this modern home, anyone can be influenced by its clean, contemporary architecture and fantastic use of materials. Mallorcan architect Miguel Angel Lacomba used exceptional creativity when integrating this white sandstone construction into the surroundings. The client brief stated simplicity at the top of the wish list and the architect constructed a white fairy-tale home with clean design lines, accentuated by the use of brown for the shutters. The whole residence and the mountains behind it reflect in the blue pool, as if a twin home lied at the base of this Mallorcan house. The cubic volume in the middle shelters the master bedroom, while the other rooms spread on each of its sides. White, grey and a warm brown compose the main colour palette of the residence, creating a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. The south-facing residence features glass sliding doors and sliding wood shutters that protect the interior spaces from natural elements and overheating. The interiors are filled with light and filtered light, depending on whether the glass doors or shutters are open or closed. Inspiring interiors and a clean, simple exterior make this residence a strong candidate for a dream home, don’t you think?

Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos1Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos2Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos3Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos4Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos5Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos6Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos7Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos8Reflecting Tricoloured Dream photos9

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