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30 Июль 2011

Tree Damage Can Be Devastating

The roofing contractor in Fairfax, VA has plenty of stories about tree damage to houses and roofs.The incredible damage a tree can do is not fully appreciated until you actually view a house where a tree limb fell and damaged a roof or where an entire tree fell over and caused extensive damage to the home. Trees look beautiful until they are lying on their side in the middle of your roof!

Prevention is the Best Tree Medicine

What makes the situation even worse when a tree falls on your house is that the damage was preventable.Often the first thing a roofing contractor in Fairfax, VA will tell you to do is trim the limbs hanging over a roof.Not only do they present a safety risk to the house occupants should the heavy limbs fall, but they also shed a lot of debris on the roof which shortens the roof lifespan.

Prevention is always the best medicine. In the case of trees, that means you should take all precautions including identifying potential problems.

>> Identify unhealthy trees that are slowly dying and remove them before they begin rotting

>> Remove trees that already have signs of rot

>> Trim branches that hang over roofs or porches being careful to keep the tree balanced in terms of weight

>> Clean out broken limbs caught in trees

>> Look at the base of each tree to check for possible rot or cracks

>> Check for signs of roots being pulled out of the ground

>> Cut down trees that are leaning towards the house

>> Cut off unhealthy branches

>> Treat trees showing signs of fungus or mold to prevent trees from getting sick and weak making them more likely to rot

By giving your trees the attention they need it?s quite possible to limit the amount of damage the trees can cause your home and roof.

When the Damage is Done

It?s always better to prevent house damage than to have to call the contractor responsible for home improvement in Fairfax, VA. On the other hand, no matter how much care you put into your trees, accidents can happen. High winds can break off even healthy limbs and toss heavy tree debris onto your roof or into your home.

In the case of tree damage that is incurred, it is often possible to simply repair the damaged roof section.It depends on the extent of the damage,of course, and the age of the roof.The first and important step is to let a professional roofing contractor assess the damage as soon as possible after the storm abates to make a determination as to needed repairs. Roof repairs should be made quickly to avoid even worse damage from developing due to exposure to the elements.

Trees are things of beauty, but they are most beautiful when they aren?t able to cause damage to your roof. The roofing contractor in Fairfax, VA has seen more than his share of beautiful trees that just destroyed a section of roofing simply because the homeowner never got around to trimming the trees.

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