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28 Сентябрь 2011

Top Rated Learning Toys for Christmas 2011

Learning toys can help your child in many stages of growth. One learning toy is the Sit to Stand Walker by VTech. This walker can really be useful in helping your child to walk. It also has a removable front panel which has loads of features such as shape sorters, spinning rollers, light up buttons, music playing piano keys and a telephone handset. These features keep your child busy and they learn to walk quickly too. The Sit to Stand Walker is recommended for kids aged 6 months and above.
If you are looking for a top rated learning toy for Christmas 2011 then check out the highly recommended Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System. Leapster2 is a sleek handheld device which imparts “useful knowledge” to the little ones. The child can learn the basics of mathematics, science, language, and art through more than 30 interesting games. The sound quality and the touch screen are good and a featherweight stylus also comes with the device.With this learning toy,a child can learn to write alphabets and do simple addition and subtraction. You can also download free games from the internet but for this you have to purchase an SD Card.Leapster2 is quite durable and can withstand daily abuse. LeapFrog has an extensive collection of educational games and Leapster 2 lets you connect online to the LearningPath of LeapFrog where you can check the games before buying them. Overall, Leapster2 is a complete learning toy which incorporates both entertainment and educational value.

Another top rated learning toy for Christmas 2011 is the Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System. Also, a handheld gaming device teaches your child letters and numbers recognition as they play with it. It has a stylish touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard which slides out.You can download games on it but the games are lost once the device is switched off. MobiGo is well constructed and is quite tough so you do not need to worry if your kid drops it on the floor. It is reasonably priced compared to other handheld learning toys.
The Matching Colors and Textures Puzzles by Infantino is a useful learning toy. The basic concept of this learning toy is to help the kids learn about different colors, animals, textures, patterns, and join puzzle pieces. There are 20 puzzles and the child can learn to match and organize them correctly. This toy has won excellent reviews and will help your child develop hand-eye coordination, matching skills, and problem-solving.
Also among the top rated learning toys for Christmas 2011 isWooden Magnetic Alphabet by Melissa and Doug. This learning toy comprises of 52 big wooden upper and lower case alphabet letters. The upper part is painted with shiny colorful enamel while the entire back of the alphabet is magnetic. Your child can learn to match the upper case and lower case letters or can arrange them to make small words. You can put them on the fridge and let your child play with them.


Children have a rich imagination and a superb memory. The basic concept behind learning toys is to exercise the creativity within them and introduce them to the basics of learning while sharpening their mental faculties and physical skills at the same time. Learning toys are the best gift for your child.

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