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28 Сентябрь 2011

Top Rated Games and Puzzles for Christmas 2011

One entertaining game is Mighty Beanz and has lately gained immense popularity. It consists of oval shaped colorful plastic capsules containing a small metal ball. When rolled over a smooth solid surface, the beanz jerk, twist, flip, and does all sorts of funny actions. Kids especially love these beanz and hold races with them.Among the various versions of Mighty Beanz the Mighty Beanz Star Wars version is one of the top rated games and puzzles for Christmas 2011.

You can also count Connect 4 as one of the top rated games and puzzles for Christmas 2011. Connect 4 has been around for quite a while andis still as enjoyable as ever. This game is played between two people and all that you have to do is get four checkers in one row in any direction before your opponent. Though it sounds simple, but actually, getting all four checkers lined up in a row and counteracting your opponent?s moves is quite challenging. This game provides mental exercise and teaches kids as well as adults to plan and strategize.

The UNO Card game is considered the number one family game. Challenging and entertaining, this card game is the best way for the family to spend some time together.UNO has educational value as kids learn to recognize and match colors and numbers.

Perfection is another suitable game for kids aged 5 and above. It is a race against time type of game in which the kids have to place 25 different shapes into their proper position within a specific time limit. Once the time limit is over, the shapes start popping out. Perfection is an easy and entertaining game which increases agility, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills; it is another top rated games and puzzles for Christmas 2011.
PlaSmart Perplexus Maze Game is a challenging and a fun game in which the player has to move a small marble around different tracks within a transparent sphere. However, maneuvering the marble is not easy, as you have to face some tricky obstacles. You can play this game alone by setting a timer or race with another player.This puzzle improves the hand-eye coordination of the kids and also improves their motor skills and that?s why it has won accolades from educationalists and parents. Perplexus is a great puzzle which keeps the player amused and occupied for hours.

Another game which will make a wonderful Christmas gift is Saucer Scramble. This game is for players aged 5 and is extremely enjoyable. In this game a flying saucer shaped device shoots off small space ships in the air and the first one to net 5 space ships wins the game. This game is ideal for hyper active kids as it provides a constructive outlet for their energy.


Games and puzzles are the best way for a family to spend some quality time together.They liven up the long dull evenings and besides being fun, they also assist in developing motor skills in kids.The best thing about games and puzzles is that you can gift it to the whole family; however you should keep in mind the age and the number of people in the family.

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