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29 Июль 2011

Tips to Finding The Best Fencing Services in Your Area

When one decides to install a fence, whether it be chain-link, wood, or brick, the single most important factor to consider is what fencing service to employ. Fencing services can transform the value of your property and its appeal in ways that only high quality landscaping can come to equal. Reviewing a few of the necessary qualities of a competent fencing service will benefit any homeowner who wishes his fencing project to be both long lasting and appealing.

Often the first aspect of fencing services that is reviewed is price. This is not to belittle any of the other reasons to hire a competent fencing installer, but price is a huge consideration. Once a quote has been given, don’t hesitate to attempt to bargain with the installer, and make sure to have a secondary or tertiary service available to give you a quote. This encourages competition amongst the installers for your contract and is a great way to get a reduced price. Once a price has been settled on, begin asking what else comes with the cost. Is there any periodic maintenance offered by the installer? Does the installation come with any literature or tips on how to maintain the fence throughout the years? Some installers even offer discounted rates on maintenance and assistance after you install with them, so be sure to ask.

After price and benefits are negotiated, begin to ask about warranty services. Lifetime warranties and the like are often associated with pricier installations, but can be the difference between a fence that can stand the test of time, and one that falls apart on you after 5 years. This is also a good time to begin inquiring into the company’s reviews and testimonials via a consumer reporting agency, as getting a lifetime warranty with a company that does shoddy work, or that doesn’t honour the terms of their agreements, is never a good idea. If you’ve been referred to by a friend or co-worker, then you can most likely trust the work, but a second testimonial never hurts.

Lastly, when making the final decision on which installer to choose, review the presence of proper insurance and any licensing held. You should only hire professionals that are insured, as any damage inflicted to the property will require significant effort to retrieve from an uninsured worker. While licensing isn’t always needed, an installer that has a license is often of higher skill than one without. An installer that is both licensed, insured, and offers full lifetime warranty on his work is often pricy, but is most often the best choice.

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