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12 Октябрь 2011

Three Useful Suggestions for Flowers That Are Beautiful

When you have a garden, after a few months you will be able to enjoy all of the hard work that you put into it in the form of tasty meals everyday. If you want to ensure success in your garden this year, start planting early well before the season actually begins. Your garden should also be planned out in advance so you know what you are going to do. This type of advanced planning is used by veterans of this particular pastime. Doing some preparatory work by getting organized can only help you get your initial gardening work out of the way. Limit yourself so that you will have time to do proper work. Always plan to do a little bit each week with your garden.

If you decide to do a vegetable garden, there’s a lot of specific information that you will have to learn about. The soil for your garden must be modified accordingly depending upon what you are going to grow. If done the right way, your vegetables will be large and tasty; if done the wrong way, your garden could fail altogether. The location of your garden will ultimately decide it’s success. To make sure that your garden has ample sunlight, plant in a place that gets six hours or more of sunlight per day. Never plant in an area where excess water will be unable to drain which could cause problems. If you see standing water in your vegetable garden, this could be a very bad sign.

Some vegetables mature better when planted in wide rows of roughly up to three feet across. If your garden will include beans, wide rows are recommended. One way to provide shade for your crop is to plant these particular vegetables in wide rows. You can use less water by planting in this manner as well as cut back on the weeds that normally form. The moisture will stay in the soil because of the cover that is provided. Your time pulling weeds will definitely be significantly less because of additional shade on the ground. If you have plants that require support stakes, plant in wide rows to help eliminate this need.

Using wide rows, you can do a lot for your garden especially if you are raising a lot of vegetables. Although this has been stated previously, we will talk about it again. Instead of planting in single rows, try to do it in wider rows and see how much more production you get out of your garden. Some people have actually reported having a 200% increase in production. If space is a premium for you, then this approach to vegetable growing will be perfect. As previously stated, if you have more plants growing, you’ll have more shade. Almost like mulch on the ground, the shade creates this type of effect.

Your gardening choices are often dictated by the amount of space you have. Not all gardeners live in rural areas, which means some of them have minimal space with which to work with. Growing food at an urban residential area is also possible, by utilizing the wide row planting method in your little area.

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