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3 Август 2011

The Origin of Fairy Lights and How They Have Developed into What They Are Today

As differentiated from other Christmas lights, such as larger party, lantern or candle lights, fairy lights are miniature but numerous in number and give off a more subdued, but a somewhat widespread illuminating effect that provides a magical ambience to any yuletide or party occasion reminiscent of the 1882 Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Since those days of Lord Kelvin, so many technological improvements have developed, so that low voltage indoor fairy lights for Christmas trees and other indoor decorations are now readily available for consumer and commercial use. Battery powered lights are practical for table or floral arrangements and also readily available, while weatherproof outdoor fairy lights lend a touch of class and festivity to any patio, gazebo, lawn or garden. Battery or solar powered lights for areas with no nearby power source are also readily available and increasing in popularity.
Light Emitting Diode lights, more commonly known as LED?s, emit virtually no heat and are among the most energy efficient types of fairy light available. Using 90% less electricity than traditional bulbs and providing thrice the brightness, LED lights have mostly replaced filament lights. Continuous day and night usage thus comes at virtually no extra cost. Fabric, fibre, paper, cotton, furnishings and other heat sensitive materials can also be placed in proximity posing no danger as LED lights stay relatively cool to the touch.

Fairly lights can embellish almost anything from ceiling mouldings, window frames, indoor plants, columns, pillars and the like, to patio umbrellas, trellises, trees, shrubbery, hedges and walkways. The only limit is the imagination of the user. Even costumes can be decorating with lights. Fairy string, drape, and cluster lights are often used in theatres around the UK.
The plethora of light colours, shapes, sizes and styles cater for even the most eclectic tastes. From clear, frosty white lights of superbright LED?s, to bold, soft or gradient hues as diverse as the rainbow in single or multi-coloured strings, one can have a pick of so many shapes. For example, pearl, star, flower, strawberry, curtain, cluster and net styles. As time goes on, the list of designs becomes longer and longer. Installation is now much simpler, quicker, convenient and safe with connectible sets of lights. Most fairy lights come with all the cabling and necessary accessories included, making them perfect for the do-it-yourself home owner, so the individual can give the location for an event or party a personal touch. This helps create the desired atmosphere, whether for a small intimate occasion or a large clan gathering, or public event.

It is truly peaceful to come home to a winter wonderland decorated with white icicle fairy lights strung across your walkway shrubs or entrance arbour and eaves. Or simply feel exotic just sipping tea at the patio with a curtain of fairy lights outlining Asian palm fronds in your garden. Set the mood with a floral arrangement interlaced with fairy lights as a centre piece for that candle light dinner or add a more lively sparkle to the birthday celebrations of your children with multi-coloured blinker fairy lights. This is a simple way to make that lasting impression.
More informative details and specifications are at your finger tips online from various established makers and suppliers worldwide. Components such as stock and availability, of course, depend on your locality.
The matter is in your hands and requires only your own unique creativity. There is simply so much you can do and so many designs you can think of when using fairy lights for home decoration. Whether you plan to hang indoor fairy lights onto pillars and columns to make your home a truly magical place to live in, or to simply brighten up the patio or the hanging tree branches over the outdoor dining set with outdoor fairy lights for a relaxing evening cup of coffee or tea after dinner, the choices are simply endless. Battery powered fairy lights are also a very popular choice today as it helps reach vast expanses of your estate where electricity or generators are not available. Fairy lights can create a place so magical that it feels like you are living a never ending fantasy of your very own.

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