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21 Декабрь 2011

Survival Food For Disaster Preparedness

Disaster refers to a state of extreme ruin or misfortune that causes great loss of life and property. It is essential that we prepare for such a situation prior to its happening so that when it does, you will have means of survival. There are quite a lot of important items that we should have in our survival kits to enable us to get through the effects of the disaster. Though you need all these things, the most important of them all is the survival food.

Disasters can be extreme in such a way that they will render any amount of cash useless. Unless you have your own prepackaged food, then you will find it rough to survive. Planning while you have time is the best thing you can do. This will create time to include varieties of food that the family needs and sometimes give you the time to include favorites that will go a long way into raising the spirit of the family members in case of a disaster.

You should pay attention to everyone’s dietary needs when packing your own survival kit. If you have elderly people or infants in the family, make sure you pack foods that are not only fit for their consumption but also energy giving and nutritious. Mountain House Foods should be in your checklist as they can last longer and be beneficial in terms of energy.

Among the most important things you should include in your survival food, water should be in plenty. In fact, water should be your first priority. A human being is known to survive on water without food for several days so you really need to pay much attention to fluids.

You will need an average of one gallon of water for each person in the family so you should do the math according to the people in the family. The water supply should be enough for about three days at minimum. Make sure that water is stored in sturdy containers and should be emptied regularly to make sure that you maintain fresh water supply.

Milk is very important to your health and thus should be included in the survival kit. There are different types of milk that can be stored for a long time and are suitable for disaster preparedness. When packing milk, make sure you check the expiry date and other nutrition levels. Replace the milk regularly to lengthen its shelf life because you do not want to have milk that has gone bad when disaster strikes. The packed milk can be used for making cereals, which will be a good option for extra nourishment.

You can include a list of your favorite canned vegetables and fruits to supply the needed vitamins. This can be replaced with mountain house foods that you can make at home. The good thing about such foods is that they can be eaten while cold in cases when there is no source of fire.

It is important that you include foods with high calories in the survival kit as they are quite helpful in a disaster situation as opposed to normal daily activities. You can make it a point to include snacks which are great spirit lifter especially between meals. Most important of all, ensure you have enough to drink and to last you a few more days.


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