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3 Август 2011

Summer Is The Season of Patios

There are a few thoughts that go through most urban dwellers minds when the sun starts to shine again. Amongst them are summer wardrobes, drinks on patios, picnics in the park and beach vacations.

Summer wardrobes:

One way to get a fresh start is to revamp your wardrobe for the new season. While a new coat, and some seasonal sweaters can make winter less depressing, there’s nothing quite like clearing your closet of all signs of cold and grey and preparing it for sunshine and late nights out. With so much skin on display it’s no wonder that so many romantic flings take place in the summer.


Eating and drinking outside is a sign that summer has arrived. This is especially true for those who live in city’s where it snows and rains for what feels like most of the year. In fact, in a city like London the season of sunshine seems so short it can be really difficult to find outdoor dining space. Primrose Hill, Putney Bridge, and Soho are three popular areas where it isn’t too difficult to find good outdoor seating. The trick to patios is a lot of space, a lot of sun, and sufficient coverage to keep guests cool and comfortable.

Picnics in the park:

With as much green space as there is available in London, it would be a crime not to picnic in the park. And with lenient laws on drinking in public it’s an even bigger crime. A perfect weekend afternoon in the city should include some fresh food, drinks and sports in the park with friends. And if you’re lucky enough to have greenery by your office, you can take advantage of your lunchtime hour by eating your lunch on the green.

Beach vacations:

Everyone should reserve at least part of their vacation time for summer. If you’re lucky enough to live in Europe you are well situated to take advantage of all of the Meditteranean islands that surround you. These are perfect for easy and accessible beach holidays. If you live somewhere a little bit secluded, you might still benefit from a week off work when you can enjoy the sunshine and some late nights out on the town.

The summer is a season loved by almost everyone. No matter where you spend it, it’s sure to be a good time. From patios to picnics, new gear to time off work, there’s much to be enjoyed while the sun is shining.


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