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6 Август 2011

Spanish Summer House by Interior Designer Marta Esteve

A home in the town of Cadaques on Costa Brava in Spain caught our attention today. The fascinating use of natural colours throughout the house creates an inviting ambiance that links the interior spaces to the inspiring outdoors. Spanish interior designer Marta Esteve was the mastermind behind this interior transformation we found on MiCasaRevista . She used every resource available to create a specific charm for this two-storey residence. A natural colour palette and modern furnishings create a chic atmosphere in this summer house. Besides working as the interior decorator, Marta Esteve also designed some key pieces seen inside: the fireplace in the living room and the bed’s headboard in the master bedroom, which extends into the shaped end tables. Fascinating views over the water exploit the natural surroundings in a successful attempt to connect the interior design to the surrounding landscape. Cosiness and comfort are the two defining characteristics of this home. Glass windows and insertions help create a seamless design that blurs the lines between the inside and the outside.

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