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16 Сентябрь 2011

Scandinavian Two-Floor Apartment Displaying Freshness and Originality

With a total area of a??a??98 square meters and a beautiful terrace, this two bedroom apartment found on Oskar-Makleri displays quite a few inspiring details. The most spectacular part of this crib is the attic, where a bedroom, bathroom and roof terrace are located. Exposed beams enrich the design of the upper duplex level, creating a feeling of warmth. The white walls make a lovely contrast with the beams, flooring and colorful decorating items. The bottom floor accommodates a generous living room, a bright and airy kitchen plus bathroom. Inspiring freshness and vitality, the living room was decorated with the help of a  purple sofa, beautiful pine floors, windows with deep niches and a large dining area. The whole apartment seems filled with light and energy. Every room has its own well defined personality, yet the overall feel this place offers is that of complete harmony.

Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos1Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos2Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos3Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos4Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos5Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos6Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos7Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos8Displaying Two-Floor Freshness photos9

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