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23 Сентябрь 2011

Scandinavian Crib Showcasing an Original and Stylish Design

Welcome to an apartment displaying a beautiful Scandinavian design! A bold wallpaper with stripes in gold and black sets the style of the hall. The floor is made up of beautiful bright planks, carefully considered to provide the right soft feel against bare feet. From this room the inhabitants can reach an inner hallway which can further take you in two directions. To the left you will find the living room and to the right-the kitchen.The bedroom can be found between the kitchen and living room. Two tall windows welcome natural light inside, which contributes to the overall peaceful feel. The first thing that catches your eye when you step into the living room is the beautiful creamy white porcelain stove that adorns one of the corners.The black and gold tones harmonize nicely with the parquet oak floor. The room is large enough to accommodate a sofa, TV unit and reading area in a delightful, inviting manner.Stylish Showcasing Original photos1Stylish Showcasing Original photos2Stylish Showcasing Original photos3Stylish Showcasing Original photos4Stylish Showcasing Original photos5Stylish Showcasing Original photos6Stylish Showcasing Original photos7Stylish Showcasing Original photos8Stylish Showcasing Original photos9

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