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29 Июль 2011

Roofing Services

Roofers aren?t all the same, some of course are better than others but they also have different specializations. Before you choose a roofer you first need to know what roofing services you need. It may be you need an emergency repair so will probably choose an emergency roofer. Some work 24 hours a day seven days a week and this reflects what an emergency a leaking roof can be. It doesn?t have to be a streaming leak but a constant or frequent leak or even one that only leaks in torrential rain can cause serious damage to your roof?s structure and eventually to the entire structure of your home or other property. Most houses have timber beams including in the roof: very strong and a good material, until they get waterlogged and swell. Some roofs may be treated to resist water older homes may not have this or the treatment may have worn off. Water getting into this wood will eventually weaken it to the point where it needs to be replaced or even fails bringing down your roof or even your entire home. Look out for damage to your roof and leaks and get an emergency plumber round as soon as you can if you spot a problem. It may be necessary to sometimes poke your head into your loft during a rainstorm and also to take a look at your roof with binoculars for signs or missing or damaged shingles and tiles but also with wooden shingles warped shingles.

If your roof isn?t leaking but is looking a bit tired, it may be time to bring in a roofer to do extensive repair work: this will often include replacing damaged tiles, with shingles though it is often necessary to replace all of them in one go. Wooden shingles tend to age at a constant rate so that if one or two are starting to look swollen or warped others will soon follow. With shingles then replacing them all is a more common job; with tiles on the other hand they can last a long time and it is often damage from storms or animals on your roof that mean maintenance is needed. Using a roofer for these jobs is advisable: for a start you may otherwise not have the equipment you need but also not be able to do a good enough job. With tiles and shingles having them overlap perfectly is vital and you will often have to remove a section or entire row of shingles and tiles to change just one.

The differences between tiles and shingles may influence your choice if you are having a replacement roof or a roof on a new build: you may of course be limited by planning permission and the style of other local properties but more modern roofing materials are often longer lasting.

Metal roofs aren?t great for insulation but are cheap to install and very unlikely to get damaged: they can also be used for flat roofs. With flat roofs you may have standing water or piles of snow and a roof must be completely sealed to stop water getting in. Another option is a bitumen roof that will act like a waterproof membrane; bitumen is also a good material for slanted roofs if not very attractive. Lastly as an option you could consider an environmentally friendly turf roof either for a flat or slanted roof where a waterproof membrane underneath will keep the water out but the soil acts as great insulation and turf or other pants scrub CO2 from the air and release Oxygen.

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