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29 Июль 2011

Predicting Infant Sex – Chinese Baby Gender Calendar

The Chinese Baby Gender Calendar was used in Ancient China for forecasting newborn gender. It really is rumored that the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar was discovered over 700 years ago in an historical royal tomb near Beijing, China. Though many people think that the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar is over 90% accurate for predicting infant gender, it really is still only correct half of the time.

The Chinese Baby Gender Calendar is said to have been created because of the strong desire for male babies inside the Chinese culture. The males were regarded as by the Chinese to be more powerful than girls. Consequently, they had been able to assist on the farm and contribute financially for the family members. Moreover, the males were able to inherit the family members name and property resulting in the continuation of the family name. Females, however, were far more of a liability. The females stayed at home until they got married and then became part of their husband?s family. As a result, the female?s birth family no longer had control over her life. Basically, the loved ones was raising a daughter for other people. This was considered ?bad business.?

Naturally, the Chinese preferred to design a technique for predicting infant sex so they could optimize their chances of obtaining the boy they so preferred. By means of a lot of years of studying the trends of a woman?s age and month at the time of conception, the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar was developed.

To be able to use the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar for guessing newborn gender accurately, it is essential to take note that the ancient calendar is based on the lunar and solar cycles instead of the solar cycles from our Western culture. For that reason, a woman?s age at the time of conception along with the month she conceived needs to be converted into the lunisolar calendar.

Based on the Chinese New Year Calendar, you are already 1 year old when you are born. Consequently, to figure out your lunar age, you’d add a year to your current age. Even so, you may need to add two years depending on the date of the Chinese New Year, which adjustments every single year.

To determine the month of conception based on the lunisolar calendar, you’ll need to compare the Chinese calendar with the Western calendar. The conversion gets complex due to leap years and other aspects involved.

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