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3 Август 2011

Precautions While Using Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a wonderful and eco-friendly way to light your house or garden. Its dim light adds an aesthetic appeal to the environment regardless of the place where it is lit. However, just like every thing needs its share of maintenance and care, same is true for paper lanterns as well. If not handled properly, paper lanterns can be dangerous. Therefore, proper care should be taken, especially with children, while handling paper lanterns.

It is important for parents to educate their children with hazards associated with paper lanterns and fire. Before bringing a paper lantern home, you should teach your children about various risks associated with fire and how it can cause burns. You can use a paper and candle to demonstrate you child about the risk of fire associated while playing with paper lanterns. Toddlers, who are too young to understand any of the above stated facts, should always be kept away from paper lanterns.

The next important thing that should be taken into consideration while looking for children?s safety from paper lanterns is the location to place it. Depending upon it, you should decide whether you need to buy a ground paper lantern or hanging paper lanterns. It is safest to place the paper lanterns at a height unreachable for children. However, if you do not find any such location suitable for paper lanterns in your home, a head level height is also fine. But, make sure that in such cases you keep children away from that location and have a constant eye on your kids.

Apart from children safety, there are some other points that should be taken care of while using paper lanterns, such as:

? Do not hang the paper lanterns close to any open electric wires. This can be dangerous.
? Avoid using paper lanterns in an open area that is too airy. This will not only result in a larger flame, but can be dangerous because of the movement of light paper lanterns.
? If you have a small paper lantern, do not keep the size of the flame too large. It should be in consideration with the size of your lantern. Moreover, dim lighting is the main purpose of using a paper lantern. Stick to it.
Paper lanterns are beautiful source of lighting that can provide you with elegance, warmth and light. Only thing is to use it carefully to avoid any sorts of mishap so that you can enjoy the beautiful environment created by paper lanterns with your family and friends.

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