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16 Декабрь 2011

Practical Kitchen Idea: Backsplash Shelf and Integrated Knife Block from Viola Park

We recently received an original kitchen project from company Viola Park , characterized by a fresh design approach. The new backsplash shelf and integrated knife block make for a practical and modern kitchen solution. According to the product developers, the shelving system is designed to maximize the function and utility of a commonly neglected portion of the kitchen. The 5″ powder coated steel shelf provides quick access to frequently used ingredients. The wood knife block holds 12 knives and is available in walnut, rift-cut white oak, and bamboo. Additional storage components will be introduced in 2012. The company offers a modular kitchen system that can work with a wide range of architectural styles for a reasonable price. Everything is made to order, by hand, in Seattle. Do you consider this to be a useful kitchen idea? Did you ever think of taking advantage of the space behind your sink?

Backsplash Integrated Kitchen photos1Backsplash Integrated Kitchen photos2Backsplash Integrated Kitchen photos3Backsplash Integrated Kitchen photos4

Источник: www.interiordesignphotos.co.uk,
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