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27 Июль 2011

Necessities For a Modern Family Life: Tera Residence

Romanian architecture and interior design studio Qub Design sent us some photos of the Tera Residence, a beautiful house in Floresti, Romania. Constructed on two levels, the residence features a collection of living spaces on the ground floor and private rooms in the attic. The ground floor features the living room, kitchen, home office and a bathroom – and an adjacent garage that shelters the family car. The attic is occupied by three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The first noticeable thing about the Tera residence is the abundance of white – the colour that accentuates and gives a sense of equilibrium to the interior design. A relaxed atmosphere was induced even in the absence of extensive space – the living spaces display a comfortable feeling, necessary for a family home. These photos taken by Hila express the inhabitant’s love for modern design. Relaxing colours caught in the natural colour palette were carefully selected to define the lines of the furniture and infuse a general calmness. The designer successfully combined the elements of each room in a great overall design, capturing the essence of family life, don’t you think?
Family Necessities Modern photos1Family Necessities Modern photos2Family Necessities Modern photos3Family Necessities Modern photos4Family Necessities Modern photos5Family Necessities Modern photos6Family Necessities Modern photos7Family Necessities Modern photos8Family Necessities Modern photos9

Источник: www.interiordesignphotos.co.uk,
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