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21 Октябрь 2011

Modern Lampshades With Intriguing Perforated Patterns

Finding the perfect lighting scheme for a room can be quite tricky. When in search for something original, shades are a good solution. These modern pendant lamps were designed by Hanna Francis for company Skandivis and have a unique appearance. Their shape is unusual, eye-catching and easy to integrate in contemporary bedrooms that have a modern or classic design. When the light is on, they will emit a soft glow, one that will enhance the atmosphere of the room. The perforations allow light to play and project various geometric shapes on the walls. The flower and leaf patterns will bring a joyful feel, and a cozy one as well. Found on Trendir , the designs are available in a light or smoked oak color wood, and are 35cm wide and 45 cm tall. Prices start at ?155 for the KAJO Leaf Lampshade Drum (last photo of the post).

Lampshades Modern Intriguing photos1Lampshades Modern Intriguing photos2Lampshades Modern Intriguing photos3Lampshades Modern Intriguing photos4Lampshades Modern Intriguing photos5

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