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16 Декабрь 2011

Modern Hillside Home in California: Residence for a Sculptor 3

Sander Architects designed Residence for a Sculptor 3 , a home located on a hill site in Santa Rosa, California, USA. Here is an excerpt from the official architects’ description: “ A smooth, taut facade is lifted above the hillside and reflects the linear displacement of spaces. Supporting this is a steel frame which is exposed on the rear, uphill side. The dialog here is between fineness and unrefined, between an outward effortless presentation and the physical efforts that are required to present this. The entry space, twisting and torqued, dark, vertical, inward, is based on qualities of the ownera??s large clay pots, a few of which are visible at the base of the stairs. From the inception of the project, the strength of these sculptural clay forms was a deep influence on the making of spaces within the house “. Two special interiors- the Vessel Room and the Great Room- are used to accommodate the sculptor’s works. Have a look at the interiors of this residence and let us know what you think.

Hillside Residence Home photos1Hillside Residence Home photos2Hillside Residence Home photos3Hillside Residence Home photos4Hillside Residence Home photos5Hillside Residence Home photos6Hillside Residence Home photos7Hillside Residence Home photos8Hillside Residence Home photos9

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