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6 Август 2011

Modern Expression of Architecture in a Historic Neighbourhood

Welding together copper panels, wood, concrete and glass in a two-storey modern residence, designer Jason Fort created a home perfectly adapted to the changing neighbourhood. The exterior will age with time, better integrating the home between the historic houses dating back to the 1800′s. Located in St. Augustine, Florida, the 2,400 square foot residence features windows placed to capture interesting architectural elements of the surrounding houses. A 400 square foot sky deck invites to entertaining or relaxing under the bright sun or the star-filled sky. Trying to visually connect the residence to its surroundings, designer Jason Fort counted on colours, materials and modern techniques to help him: “ With the use of natural materials and muted colors the design aims to blend with the palette of the older adjacent structures. The home requires minimal maintenance and is designed to acquire an exterior patina as it ages. The exterior of the structure incorporates copper panels on north face of building, and concrete and wood. The hardwood siding was meticulously installed using 8000+ stainless steel screws, each hole hand drilled and countersunk. The interior is open and airy with large doors at the rear pivoting open to the pool, tropical landscaping and garden .” The interiors feature the designer’s personal preferences – he is also the owner of the home – and represent his first completed single family residential project. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms make up the private quarters on the upper floor, while entertaining spaces are gathered downstairs. Enjoy a visual tour of the residence below!

Historic Expression Modern photos1Historic Expression Modern photos2Historic Expression Modern photos3Historic Expression Modern photos4Historic Expression Modern photos5Historic Expression Modern photos6Historic Expression Modern photos7Historic Expression Modern photos8Historic Expression Modern photos9

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