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7 Октябрь 2011

Lovely Residence in London Constructed In Just 6 Days!

The Bliss House comes from Bliss Spaces and is located in North London. The unique project we would like to present today consists of two private homes, each having a surface of about 4,000 sq feet, three levels, spacious yards and backyard studios. With a striking architecture, it is hard to believe the Bliss House was constructed in just 6 days! How was this possible? The materials were prefabricated beforehand and the actual “assembling” required just six men on the job. According to Inhabitat , efficient construction methods and the overall design took advantage of the latest energy efficient ideas in matters of appliances and lighting. Each of the two homes features radiant floor heating, a heat recovery system, LED lighting, double glazed windows and wood burning stoves in the living room. And to top it all, their appearance is truly delightful.

Constructed London Just photos1Constructed London Just photos2Constructed London Just photos3Constructed London Just photos4Constructed London Just photos5Constructed London Just photos6Constructed London Just photos7Constructed London Just photos8Constructed London Just photos9

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