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2 Сентябрь 2011

Interview: Passion for Handmade Designs in a Commercial World with Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes has been making and selling handmade lamps and lampshades for several years. Sam is a trained textile designer at Central St. Martins school of Art, London and has worked as a print designer for a wide variety of companies in the fashion and interiors businesses in London and New York. He started the lamp making business out of a desire to make design as well (we find out he is also a trained counselor! ). Since he launched Sam Hughes Lighting , the firm has grown steadily and become a busy business with a base of customers who look for individual and beautiful items for their homes. e decided to challenge Sam for an interview and find out how his business is going. Freshome: What triggered the idea of designing a range of lamps and lampshades ? Sam Hughes: I was inspired by my collection of vintage fabrics and noticed that there was a gap in the market for more interesting and patterned lighting. I wanted to make something original and retro inspired to compliment modern interiors.
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