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27 Июль 2011

Ingenious Small Residence in Brazil by Apiacás Arquitetos

Juranda House is a contemporary crib designed by ApiacA?s Arquitetos and located in Rua Juranda, Vila Beatriz, SA?o Paulo, Brazil. The residence stretches over an area of 150 square meters. According to the architects, due to an accentuated slope, “ the building was distributed over half levels, separated by a three storey void which contains the staircase access to the floors. This void organizes the spaces of the house: living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor as well as three bedrooms, two bathrooms, office and a a?˜decka?? on the upper floors. The house is built up to the edges of the plot and consequently it is lit and ventilated from the front and rear. The idea was to make the house as transparent as possible, in a way that would establish a relationship with the external areas. In order make this viable, we designed the openings at the front and rear of the house to be on the same axis and to be three metres wide. When open, the glazing elements slide behind the walls uniting the internal and external spaces “. The residence is said to be built in an economical manner, trying to avoid earth moving and limiting the building’s dimensions to a strictly necessary living space. How do you like the outcome?

Brazil Ingenious Residence photos1Brazil Ingenious Residence photos2Brazil Ingenious Residence photos3Brazil Ingenious Residence photos4Brazil Ingenious Residence photos5Brazil Ingenious Residence photos6Brazil Ingenious Residence photos7Brazil Ingenious Residence photos8Brazil Ingenious Residence photos9

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