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9 Декабрь 2011

Freshome Saturday Design Spotter 7

Hello everyone and wishing you a happy weekend ahead! For all of you out there who are currently decorating your apartment- fingers crossed! Here are this Saturday’s Freshome tips “materialized” in ten photos paying tribute to unusual design. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comments section below. To start off, here is a kitchen that emanates so much energy, that it is impossible for anyone to remain indifferent to its design. Splashes of colors here and there elegantly contrast the white and gray walls. Combining traditional with contemporary elements, the overall result is dynamic and eye-catching.
Spotter Freshome Saturday photos1*temp*Spotter Freshome Saturday photos3Spotter Freshome Saturday photos4Spotter Freshome Saturday photos5Spotter Freshome Saturday photos6Spotter Freshome Saturday photos7Spotter Freshome Saturday photos8Spotter Freshome Saturday photos9

Источник: www.interiordesignphotos.co.uk,
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