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18 Ноябрь 2011

Freshome Saturday Design Spotter 5

Hello everyone and hope you guys are having a sunny Saturday, with plenty of week-end cheerfulness to look forward to! Over here it’s been one cold autumn day after another, but not something that a little cozy crib couldn’t handle. For today’s Freshome Design Spotter we’ve decided to fight bad weather and start off with a photo that has potential in doing so.

Situated amongst the trees, on the edge of a delightful beach, this bed inspires sweet relaxation. There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying complete comfort in the middle of a dreamy nature landscape, and this design setting scores high in both coziness and location.

And if outside is rough, why don’t we make the most of the heated space we have? This indoor pool does not occupy a lot of room and seems pretty deep. We like the idea, even thought is looks quite expensive.

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