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28 Июль 2011

Fresh and Colourful Contemporary Rugs from Sonya Winner

Inspirational colours and a wide range of geometric shapes contribute to Sonya Winner ‘s modern rugs collections. The different vibrant coloured rugs offer graphics that add character and create a fun and daring atmosphere. As seen by the designer, the rugs fit a modern lifestyle: “ Designed to suit today’s open plan living, these rugs are not only beautiful accents in any home, they are also hardwearing and durable. These contemporary designs transform any space and add warmth, texture and vibrancy .” If you fell in love with any of the rugs, you must know that each design can quickly adapt to different room sizes and colour scheme. Sonya Winner’s team can personalize the rug and show you how it would fit in the room you have selected. Take a look at the pictures to see how every rug stands out in the room, even if the colourful surroundings threaten to overwhelm the design. Don’t you just love them?
Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos1Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos2Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos3Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos4Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos5Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos6Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos7Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos8Sonya Colourful Contemporary photos9

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