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30 Ноябрь 2011

Farmville Tricks

The popular Zynga developed game, Farmville has a multitude of tricks and tips to help you bring in the biggest amount of growth, crops and, of course, cash between your friends. What is Farmville though, you ask? It’s a game available on Facebook, MSN Games and the iPhone that allows you to plant and grow your own farm. The basic goal of the game is to take time and grow the best products to sell and gain experience points while doing it to be revered as one of the top suppliers. You can manage a wide range of aspects like handing livestock, harvesting crops and trees, and plowing the land for seeds. You can help your neighbors achieve the same goals too. In this guide, we will show you how to use Farmville cheat codes.

Farmville is so popular, that it gained a whopping ten million users within a month of its release! With so many users on such a large social media platform, it’s to be expected that at least a couple of them would want some help with the game. Sadly, there are no programmed Farmville cheat codes, per se, but we have some tips and tricks below to help you get the crops you need in the best time along with being the envy of your neighbors and Facebook friends!

For this first round of Farmville cheat codes, we’re going to look at how you can quickly plow and plant your crops. First you’ll want to clear a good section of land, nine spots will do, and stick your guy in the middle. Head to the market, grab some cheap fencing and box yourself in by putting a fence on each side. Remember to turn two of them across to truly box them in. Now your guy can plant and plow in much less time! This is an excellent tip for when you have large amounts of land.

For this set of Farmville cheat codes, we tell you a way to get a quick boost in coins and experience points when you’re close to starting out simply by planting a field of peas. Onions, grapes, lilies and tomatoes are also good, but only at higher ranks. Peas only take a day to grow and you will get three experience points and seven and a half coins per hour.

This tip involves the famous hay bales, known alternatively for their pixel art and the ultimate in Farmville cheat codes. Hay bales are cool. Enough will earn you the Pack Rat ribbon, and also get you, say, five experience points for every ninety-five coins. Considering that the norm is one point for every one hundred coins, that is a steal!

Our next tip includes strawberries in our flurry of Farmville cheat codes. These red delights are tough to grow and take time to boot, but they are well worth the cash and the experience to move up in a heartbeat. Your Farmville neighbors will thank you for it.

This game is so massive that there are bound to be other Farmville cheat codes across the internet for players to use. There are badges to collect, decorations to buy, and of course, gifts to be given and received. Check the daily raffle after you log in too for a bit of change.

Remember, the best farm takes time, lots of hard work and patience, but the reward of money and XP make the best Farmville experience for everyone.

Happy Gaming!


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