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6 Август 2011

Enjoying Your Garden this Summer: Natural Swimming Pools Ideas

These natural swimming pools seem to have been created as dream pools before we even got the chance to imagine it for ourselves. The first pool, with its softly sinuous descending path adorned with natural stone, leaves the impression of a carefully designed combination of traditional materials on one end and sleek, modern design on the other. Created by Clear Water Revival , these custom-made swimming ponds infuse your garden with luxuriant plants and modern pool design. To get an idea on how the pools are built, the Bristol Pool seems to be a great example. Seen here in the first two pictures of the post, the 6m x 20m pool – for optimum lap swimming –  “ relies on the surrounding regeneration zone to filter the water naturally and will receive passive solar gain from the shallow areas and the black lining used. On site resources and rock were used in the design to better integrate into the landscape .” Bristol-based Clear Water Revival designs and constructs natural swimming pools and natural swimming ponds – each made to be easy to use and have comfortable maintenance, to display naturally filtered clean, clear water with no chemicals or salt. Where would you place your natural swimming pool in your garden?

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