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26 Август 2011

Diverse and Inspiring: Laranjeiras Residence in Rio de Janeiro

Laranjeiras Residence was designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados and is a fascinating 10,225 square foot summer retreat located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. According to the architects, “ both for its technical features and for the design freedom it provides, steel was the material of choice for the house structure. Its outward look, however, is covered in wood, a device used to protect it from the sea air and make it more familiar-looking amid the green Mata AtlA?ntica. In order to provide maximum integration between the internal and external areas, large glazed windows were used, allowing virtually every room in the house ample interaction with the landscape. To counterbalance the use of timber, the essential element in the projecta??s aesthetic arrangement, interior areas were conceived with strong emphasis on the dialogue among materials, either finished or unfinished a?? oscillating between rustic and high-tech “. Have a look at the photos and tell us what you feel this crib inspires. Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos1Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos2Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos3Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos4Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos5Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos6Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos7Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos8Diverse Residence Laranjeiras photos9

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