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27 Июль 2011

Decorative Ceiling Fans- Add Aesthetic Value to Your Home

Air conditioners might be the in thing today, but nothing can beat the practicality, functionality and aesthetic value of ceiling fans, that have been cooling the hot summer air around us for ages now. Even though AC?s are becoming an increasingly popular option to deal with the cruel heat of Indian summers, the charm of decorative ceiling fans is still the same and people consider them a major part of the overall home d?cor. With the wide variety of choices you have in the market for stylish and energy saver fans, there is just no chance that you wouldn’t find a piece that will not match and compliment the decor of the different parts of your home.

As people are becoming more conscious of their home interiors as well as ways to minimize electricity consumption, top brands like Orient fans have come up with a range of ceilings fans that are divided into different categories. From energy saver fans, plain and decorative ceiling fans, kids fans to international design with light fans and new four blade fans; top names in the fan world are giving customers ample of choice from which they can select a product that best suits their requirements without burning a hole in the pocket.

The main reason behind the ongoing success and popularity of ceiling fans is the high functionality factor they offer to consumers. Even though air conditioners are becoming popular in India they still remain far behind decorative ceiling fans. The main reason behind this is the practicality these energy saver fans offer, giving them the edge over the sophisticated central air systems. In India where electricity is a big problem, fans offer a comfortable option to beat the heat of summer without putting a heavy strain on one’s budget for the home’s overall energy consumption. In fact according to survey reports, the use of ceiling fans help in saving almost 40 percent on the cost of home cooling in summers.

Apart from the functionality factor, decorative ceiling fans also add aesthetic value to your homes and increase the overall appeal of your surroundings. Ceiling fans with their attractive designs and styles are available to you for different parts and rooms of your home. For example, kids fans for their rooms are available in bright colors and funky designs to match the playful surroundings and nature of kids. Moreover, fans are not just limited to the indoors, now you can find fans that are designed to deal with the harsh weather conditions of the outdoors. These fans are great additions to your patio, balcony or a deck in case you have one.

If you love to beautify your house with elegant and stylish things, then these decorative ceiling fans are surely going to impress you. Buy one for your home today and see the difference they make to your surroundings.

Orient Fans is one of India?s leading brands in fans and lighting solutions. It offers quality energy saver fans such as ceiling fans, kids fans, energy saver fans and decorative ceiling fans.

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