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30 Декабрь 2011

Contemporary Home Displaying a Minimalist Design in Japan

Nagoya-based studio Stands Architects (Hiroshi Yokozeki, Yuji Shimiz, Kyoko Ikuta) recently completed a clever modern home entitled  a?˜House Oa?? and located in Mie, Japan. The residence features a cleverly integrated garage, that can be observed from the interior. According to the architects, “ the sheltered car park serves as a physical extension of the road, drawing in visual focus through a contrasting stark-white finish. a glass partition draws a thin line between the indoor-outdoor boundary, allowing the parked automobiles to be on view from within the house. Pivoting around a central courtyard, the layout is organized in a spiral with varying degrees of privacy throughout. From the entrance, programs such as the bedroom and bathroom are nestled in behind the courtyard, while the kitchen and living area open up around the garage. Corners of the rectangular layout is shaved off to further establish a sense of motion in the circulation. A small loft area over the kitchen serves as a multi-functional platform with a view “. How do you find this home design?

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