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6 Август 2011

Comfortable Moody Sofas for Any State of Mind

Moody Sofas were designed with one specific purpose in mind: to offer a versatile place to rest for all your moods. The three pieces of furniture that compose the collection are: Moody Couch, Moody Nest and Moody Bag. All three “ invite the user to express feelings and ‘let goa??. Doing so leaves traces, causing the product to resemble the moods of its user in various shapes and forms and making the products seem alive. Moody is the interpretation of the sofa as a place of expression and communication . ” The versatility of these resting units lies in their comfort and in the use of materials. Designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting created the three seating units for those wanting to enjoy full relaxation. Textile covering a wood base dressed in layers of foam allows the user to interact with the sofa, creating unique seating experiences for any mood. Made from quality cotton upholstery material and lined with wadding, the textile cover of the Moody Couch favours relaxation and comfort. Care to try it on and see how it fits?

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