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28 Июль 2011

Colorful Apartment Pleasantly Combining Traditional and Modern Design Ideas

We found this charming crib on Oscar Makleri , which stands out due to a fascinating combination of modern and traditional furniture elements. Moreover, its design seems to be invaded by color and energy; everywhere you look, there is bound to be a dynamic furniture piece that contributes to the positive atmosphere this place emanates. The focal point of the crib is an open plan living room consisting of an eye-catching lounge area. Two large red sofas, a white and inviting armchair and two blue ottomans make for a delightful socializing space. The inclined window wall ensures some great views over the surrounding historical neighborhood. Traditional items are spread all across the apartment, pleasantly contrasting the modern details. The carpets, small wooden chairs and tables, the chandelier and golden picture frames, these are magnificently blended in the design, making the overall results absolutely seductive. How do you find this eclectic mix?

Traditional Colorful Combining photos1Traditional Colorful Combining photos2Traditional Colorful Combining photos3Traditional Colorful Combining photos4Traditional Colorful Combining photos5Traditional Colorful Combining photos6Traditional Colorful Combining photos7Traditional Colorful Combining photos8Traditional Colorful Combining photos9

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