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28 Июль 2011

Cascading Residence with Originally Integrated Pool in London

The architecturally-intriguing Sheldon Avenue Residence was designed by  Belsize Architects and is located Highgate, the famous London suburb. According to the project developers, the layout of the residence is ‘ Ua?? shaped, set round a glazed, triple-height a?˜cascadinga?? atrium. The circulation spaces are arranged around the edge of the atrium, with the exception of the primary staircase and a?˜bridgea??, which sit as steel-and-glass elements within the surrounding solid surfaces.The overall form is articulated by a a?˜steppeda?? arrangement in section to create a succession of tiered levels, culminating at the bottom in a basement swimming pool. The pool partially extends into the garden with an openable connection to an external sunken courtyard and, beyond, to the landscaped rear garden. This connection blurs the distinction between interior and exterior. A large sheet of structural glass in the floor of the entrance area establishes a visual link with the swimming pool beneath. .a?? How do you appreciate the design of this “giant staircase-home”?

Cascading Integrated Residence photos1Cascading Integrated Residence photos2Cascading Integrated Residence photos3Cascading Integrated Residence photos4Cascading Integrated Residence photos5Cascading Integrated Residence photos6Cascading Integrated Residence photos7Cascading Integrated Residence photos8Cascading Integrated Residence photos9

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