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27 Июль 2011

Birthday Party Games for Kids

Are you planning your kid’s birthday party? The essential part of any party are the games: This is classic among birthday party games for older children. Prior to the party, buy some toothpicks and a good supply of Lifesavers candy. Split the guests up into even teams ? 4 or more players per team works best ? and hand out one Lifesaver per team and one toothpick per player. Team members must stand in a line one behind the other, with the object being to pass a lifesaver from the front of the line to the back of the line and back again, via a toothpick held between each player?s lips. If a team drops their Lifesaver they must start the race over again; the first team to pass their lifesaver up and back without dropping it is the winner of this challenging birthday party game.

Planning a sweet party and trying to decide on a party theme? There are so many wonderful party themes to choose from. Let?s take a look at some of the more common themes. These themes will work fantastic if you have a time crunch and need to get the party planning done quickly.

Musical statues are a great one that kids of all ages can enjoy and take part. Again pass the parcel.

In saying that I had music and parcels done for DD1s 3rd birthday for games but the kids were having such a good time just playing I didn’t bother with them in the end.

Buy a big pack of toilet roll and let them make mummies out of each other.
Blow up some balloons and get them in 2 lines and tell them to pass them to each other BUT they are not allowed to use their hands.
Put a variety of foods in little bowls, don’t let them see them, blindfold them and get them to taste a little off each spoon and guess what it is, we do this at halloween but also at parties.
Buy some rich tea biscuits, make some icing and leave out sprinkles/jellies/buttons etc and let them decorate them.

The project has been recognized by the American Water Works Association as a great example of water professionals utilizing innovative tools to perform public outreach and working with school children.

NTH Consultants is a Detroit-based engineering firm with regional offices in Pontiac, Northville, Dearborn, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

The video game and comic will be used to help children in Pontiac learn about the sources of watershed pollution and how small actions taken to be environmentally friendly can have a significant impact on the quality of rivers, lakes and streams, said Allan Schneck, director of Pontiac?s Department of Public Works and Utilities.

In the game, Otto the River Otter goes up against three polluting monsters, stomping on them to put an end to their diabolical ways and picking up garbage that has been scattered about.
?2 might have the pin the donkey/clown.

Sporty Games
One player writes out a secret list of 5 to 10 objects that can easily be found in a room, such as a bowl, a brush, and a bottle.
He then announces the number of objects he’s looking for, and the other family members have one minute to gather that same number of items.
If anyone brings an object that’s on the list, she gets a point. And, of course, players have to put their items away before the next round. Our testers especially liked varying the game by limiting the objects to things that begin with the same letter or are a certain shape.

Grab ‘n Go
Players begin by standing on their goal lines with the ball between them on the ground.
At “Go,” each tries either to grab the ball and run back to the line without being tagged or to tag the grabber. Either action scores a point. The game ends at an agreed-upon number of points.

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