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27 Июль 2011

Atop a Hill Surrounded by Vineyards: Jussila Residence

Fascinating in the dusk, the Jussila Residence is located “ in the fertile hills of an emerging wine region near Paso Robles, California “, the perfect place to live and enjoy the marvels of fresh air and hillside views filled with vineyards. This home is not only architecturally interesting, it is also “ the first phase of an 80-acre master planning effort. The house anchors the hilltop and serves as a beacon for remaining program/architecture which consists of a winery, cooking school and guest house. ” The design consists of volumes that contain the necessary living spaces and surround a central courtyard open from one side. “ The courtyard plan separates program and then collects occupants and visitors in a south-facing terraced landscape that includes a pool, sauna, fire pit, gardens and trellised walkways. Each volume enjoys near and distant vistas of the picturesque hills and each enjoy its own privacy. The vocabulary, imagery and materials are rooted in local agricultural structures and are simple in form. The vines themselves enter into the courtyard and root the architecture to the landscape .” The architects from Studio B Architects described the project as a fascinating architectural masterpiece, perfect for those in love with vineyards and modern architecture. We can only say that the Jussila Residence is an expression of its surroundings, looking amazing from dusk until dawn.

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