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29 Июль 2011

15 Practical and Unobtrusive Ideas to Park Your Bike Indoors

We know how storing your favorite bike can sometimes prove to be a mind puzzler. That is why today we decided to round up some clever and practical ideas for storing bikes in the comfort and safety of your own home. As you can see, solutions exist: from simply hanging your bike on a free wall to letting it rest on the floor on various supports, you could say bringing your two-wheel vehicle indoors is solely a matter of personal wish. Meaning there are actually no impediments, even if you are confronted with a small space. However, lovely results can be achieved by painting your bike in the colors of the apartment or hanging it on the wall in an unconventional position (see the photo below for example). No matter how you decide to “attach” your bike to the overall arrangements of your apartment, its mere presence will ensure dynamism and a unique personality. So why not simply give it go and forget about all those bike storing issues? In the end, we are eager to find out what ingenious solutions did you come up with so far for blending your bicycle with the design of your crib. We would love it if you would leave your answers below.

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